Pomme Business

Pomme Business is an economic, commercial and industrial exchange site and the movement of capital for the business sector in the world through exclusive services such as online exhibitions, auctions, technical managed tenders, news and international conferences, financing projects, provision of shipping, customs clearance, talks and advertising of the company in many ways Time, money and effort make you think outside the fund that you have promoted and help you open regional and global markets Access to your project for all interested in economic and financial affairs in international trade and industry M tips prepared by many experts in this sector enjoy a pomme business services, and considered new technologies in your project manager now

Online Exhibitions

Since there are many SMEs, it is difficult for them to participate in local and international exhibitions. The site is the first of its kind in the world. It is an online exhibition. The exhibition is international in every field. All the products are displayed through the leased space on the site, All exhibitors are displayed in the exhibition and customers click on the exhibitor's area. The display is shown full screen and the sale and purchase process starts and is technically controlled. The exhibition is characterized by the ease of displaying products and full control in highlighting the product of others in the same company.

Provision of labor and expenses of the exhibitors as well as transportation, rent of the ground floor and decoration of the exhibition and guarantee the products instead of being destroyed for any reason

Easy to participate in the exhibition without the hassle of permits, stays, travel obligations, shipping of goods and the work of advertising boards

Easy communication with exhibitors in many ways including written conversations

The exhibitor can bring his product to more than one country and to a larger number of visitors and this enables him to open up new markets

International Conferences

Pomme Business holds international conferences to achieve the following economic objectives: Establish trade and industrial cooperation to stimulate trade and industry within the region where the conference will be held: Monthly
The conference will be held in the Middle East region and will be chaired by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the region.

Is held in the rest of the world where it is held twice during the year, in the presence of all the ministers of industry and trade in the world and delegations from chambers of commerce and business leaders At the end of each conference, Pomme Business announces huge tenders for the country that will win the vote for the next conference

In the presence of:
Ministers concerned with the economy and investment in all the countries of the region in which the conference is held.
Owners of financing institutions for small and medium enterprises.
A delegation of ten members in each Chamber of Commerce.
Minister of Industry of the State of the Conference.
A delegation of five businessmen from each country.
Commercial Attaché in all Embassies of the Region.
Presidents of the boards of major banks.

Online Auctions

The site provides member notification services in many daily auctions in all areas of the local and international market, which are offered through the site to the major companies and traders who are looking for agents in the cities and small areas where the auction is opened and then the auction is closed and may be raised Again if not finished.

Online Tenders

The site offers the service of reporting many daily tenders in all fields in the local and international market, which are offered through the site to the major companies and traders who are looking for agents in the cities and small areas where the tender is open and then the tender is closed and can be offered once Others if not finished.

Other Services

The site provides a service to inform the subscriber of daily Auctions and Tenders that occur on the site

Advertising all products at different levels

Trade is open in various ways and the agreement and exchange of deals in a simplified and fast instead of wasting time travel and inspections and the formation of committees within the companies and this is an investment for time and money.

The site urges small traders to see effectively to facilitate the movement of trade in a clear and visible to all

Each electronic group has the right to become an entity after a period of three months, when ten small business owners and their union meet in one or several countries to become a large unified company competing in the global market

The site provides members with a personal account explaining their project, goods sold, quality, price and access to their target class.

Submit all economic news, stock market news through Global sites .

The site includes customs clearance companies, tourism companies and international investment companies to facilitate import and export operations around the world

The site also provides direct group chat rooms for site operators .