5 billion dollars a European standard fine on "Google" in the cas

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The European Commission has announced a record fine of 4.3 billion euros ($ 5 billion) on Google, according to "German" through the exploitation of its operating system, "Android" for smart phones and tablets.
"Google is using Android as a means to strengthen its search engine dominance," EU Competition Commissioner Margaret Vestager said in a statement. "The practices of Google" deny competitors the opportunity to innovate and compete, and banned "practices" European consumers the advantages of effective competition in the field of mobile devices, and this is illegal under the European antitrust rules.
The agency accuses Google of blocking competition and strengthening its position among search engines by forcing manufacturers to install their search engine and Chrome browser preinstalled on Android devices in order to allow manufacturers to use their own applications, Google Play ".
The European Commission has given Google 90 days to end illegal restrictions on mobile phone manufacturers and network operators using the Android operating system and warned it would face penalties of up to 5 percent of its daily business volume worldwide if it did not address irregularities. .
The Commission has identified three types of illegal practices, pointing out that "Google", asked manufacturers to install the search engine and their browsing applications in advance on the devices that use the system in order to allow them to use the App Store, "Google" ; And prompted some service providers to install the search engine "Google" in advance and exclusive; and imposed restrictions on the ability of some manufacturers to sell phones running alternative versions of "Android".
"At the very least, Google should stop these three practices and not engage in any of them again," the agency said, noting that any similar arrangements are also prohibited. The fine surpassed a previous record 2.42 billion euro fine imposed by the European Union's competition watchdog on Google last month to prioritize its online shopping services.
Android is the most widely used operating system on smartphones, with about 80 per cent of mobile devices operating around the world. Open source software is available free of charge to manufacturers, while Google earns revenue from in-app ads.
Google has denied EU charges and said its approach encourages competition.
A source familiar with the EU antitrust authorities believes that the use of "Google" for the Android system to operate the mobile phone in this way marginalization of competitors.
The fine imposed by the European Commission will be the highest fine ever imposed on a company for violating EU rules and comes just over a year after the company was fined for giving preference to its service to its competitors.
The Internet giant Google said in a statement that it plans to appeal against the decision of the European Commission yesterday fined for violating the rules of competition in the European Union through the exploitation of its operating system, "Android".
Active networks, rapid innovation and low prices are all typical signs of strong competition, "said Al Verney, a spokesman for Google," We intend to appeal to the European Commission's decision. "
The suspension comes shortly after the European Commission announced a record 4.3 billion euros ($ 5 billion) fine on Google for violating European Union competition rules by exploiting its Android operating system for smart phones and tablets.

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