Volkswagen has temporarily stopped production of diesel models du

Volkswagen has announced a temporary suspension of the production of diesel models due to technical defect, stressing that the development of the modernization of the engine -0.2TDI, noting that the production will be temporarily suspended models of the "Passat" models with a front-wheel drive and the dual-carrier -7Gang-DSG Jang and Areton models equipped with these equipment, pending "corrective measures".
According to the "German", data from "Volkswagen", it is possible that in the models with the engine TDI capacity of two liters, which operates according to the standard Euro 6 double-shift Gang-DSG, yellow warning light indicates a problem with the system of subsequent treatment For the exhaust, although there is no such problem actually. Customers should take any yellow warning light on the engine indicator seriously and consult with an authorized dealer to analyze the apparent error.
The company explained that a corrective action is under way to provide the most up-to-date update of the programs for vehicles already delivered and to be able to resume the supply of new cars affected by the defect.
"According to the current estimate, this will be available in the fourth quarter of 2018." The company also offers alternative offers, given the long delivery period of vehicles affected by this defect, and the length of this period because the Passat and Ariton The twin-engine, operating according to the Euro 6 standard, is popular with many travel owners and car fleets.

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