Week Compressor of World Trade Negotiations in Washington

The US administration faces a stressful week of negotiations on several axes with its main trading partners, the European Union, Canada, Mexico and China, with crucial benefits, particularly on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
According to the French, US Trade Secretary Wilbur Ross held talks yesterday with European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom to discuss US tariffs of 25 and 10 per cent on imports of steel and aluminum from Europe, temporarily suspended by the White House.
"As we approach June 1, I hope that we will come to a logical conclusion, and if that does not happen, customs duties will come into force," Ross said.
The White House agreed on May 1 to extend the EU deadline, saying the two sides could overcome their trade dispute.
In order to permanently exempt the European Union from these fees, Washington demands the opening of the European market more to US products, while Brussels, for its part, demanding the exemption of US tariffs "fully and unconditionally" before entering into any talks with US partner.
The talks are taking place amid tensions between Washington and Brussels following a decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal signed with Iran.
Meanwhile, Washington also launched new negotiations with Liu, the Chinese vice premier, who is on a visit to Washington until Saturday.
"I hope that personal relations between President Donald Trump and Chinese President (Xi Jinping) will facilitate an agreement," said Wilbur Ross, referring to the great divergence in positions to be taken to reach a settlement.
In addition to Washington's demand to reduce its $ 200 billion trade deficit with China, the negotiators will deal with China's ZTE.
In mid-April, the United States announced a ban on the export of US equipment and software to the Chinese group for seven years, including microprocessors necessary for smart phones issued by the company.
The decision was a major blow to the group, which has announced a suspension of its main activities because of the sanctions.
Trade Minister Trump was charged with seeking a settlement of the situation, which could weigh heavily on the search for a comprehensive settlement of trade relations between the two countries.

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