After buying 75 million shares .. Buffett plans to get more in «A

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US billionaire Warren Buffett hinted yesterday he would buy a large number of Apple shares when the price was right, just two days after he unveiled the purchase of 75 million additional US shares.
At the annual meeting of shareholders at his company, "Berkshire Hathaway," Buffett praised Apple for providing consumer-related products that he could not do without. He supported the company's decision to repurchase its shares as the best use of liquidity at the technology company. According to Reuters, Buffett, ranked as the world's third-richest man, said: "I would like Apple to fall." Berkshire is currently Apple's third largest shareholder after Vanguard Group and Blackrock.
"I am happy to buy back their shares," just two days after he unveiled 75 million additional Apple shares four days after Apple announced it could buy back $ 100 billion worth of shares. At the end of 2017, Owns 165.3 million shares.
In 2017, Buffett sold a large share of his shares in "IBM" and invested more funds heavily in "Apple", when asked why, he replied that he was wrong to buy shares in "IBM" from the beginning.
Buffett believes that Apple is very impressive and understands consumers' behavior better than any other technology company. He is impressed with the personality of its CEO, Tim Cook, who follows Buffett's policies and management skills and keeps up with Apple and its products. Buffett is interested in the products of the companies he invests in. He likes to drink Coca-Cola and Deeree Quinn, but for Apple, he does not own iPhone, but keeps an old copy of an old phone.
Though not interested in buying iPhone, Buffett said that when he buys a new phone, a copy of Andoride will not be a sign that iPhone is running the IOS operating system.
Buffett admitted he had misjudged Google and Amazon as important investments for his company. Buffett, 87, and his billionaire partner Charlie Munger, 94, responded to questions from shareholders, journalists and analysts at a six-hour meeting in Omaha. In Nebraska.
Buffett said he never bet against Amazon, seeing more success for the company, which is expanding in areas other than e-commerce, such as healthcare. Amazon's earnings topped forecasts in the first quarter, posting profits of $ 1.6 billion from $ 724 million in the same quarter last year.
Buffett ruled out a trade war between the United States and China and said he believed the two countries would not be "too reckless ... The United States and China would be the world's two biggest economies economically and in other respects for too long." Any tensions should not undermine the trade benefits of the parties .
"Even Donald Trump can be right on some of these things," Munger said of a question about steel import duties imposed by the White House.

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